•   All in all very professional indeed & very knowledgebale

  • My experience was very comfortable. I was checked on regularly and all care was excellent. Refreshments were provided regularly.I found my stay very comfortable.

  • From the first time I saw Mr Bukhari at this hospital everything has gone ever so quickly. My diagnosis was correct and the operation performed amended all my medical issues. All the staff were exceptional, thorough and professional. I must also point out that Mr Bukhari's secretary was very helpful in the planning of my operation (what a wonderful lady).

  • If it wasn't for Mr Bukhari's quick action and expertise I probably would not be able to walk today and could conceivably be paralyzed from the neck down After seeing Mr Bukhari for my first consultation I was sent for a scan the following day and the day after that saw Mr Bukhari for a second consultation. I needed a neck laminectomy as soon as possible. Mr Bukhari explained the pros and cons of the operation and it was agreed that I would be placed on the list as soon as possible. On the day of the operation I met the anaesthetist and Mr Bukhari who both ran over the operation and recovery and put my mind at rest. I was up and walking around the next day with the help of the physiotherapists climbing up and down stairs and able to shower and shave, things I had not been able to do for some time. By the day of my discharge feeling slightly uncomfortable at the site of my operation and needing painkillers now and again. A very positive experience from my first consultation to my discharge from follow up consultations and physiotherepy. Many thanks