The Manchester Neurosurgery Group

Providing comprehensive Adult and Child Neurosurgery care. Our group is made up of a number surgeons and support staff who have extensive training and experiences in distinct areas of neurosurgery. Our priority is to deliver the highest level of care and foster a trusting relationship with each of our patients. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health by using the latest techniques.

Our consultant neurosurgeons are clinical leaders in their field who combine private practice with senior NHS posts and are active in clinical trials and clinical research.

Neurosurgery is one of the most complex and intricate forms of surgery. Nerve tissue, once damaged, has very limited ability to repair itself. Neurosurgery, whether performed on the brain, spinal cord, or to treat conditions that affect the peripheral nerves, requires dedicated skill and ingenuity.

The Neuro-radiologist and Neuro-anesthetist are also key members of the multi-disciplinary team. Imaging methods such as MRI scans, CT scans and PET scans are used routinely as diagnostic tools and to monitor how patients are improving with treatment.

We care for patients who have a wide range of neurological disorders which require surgery, including brain tumours, spine tumours, lumbar and cervical disc problems and chronic pain problems.

We utilise the safest and latest technology in treating all of these neurosurgical disorders.

An Artificial disc replacement surgery of the cervical spine replaces a degenerated damaged disc with a device which tries to preserve the natural motion and movements in the neck.

Endoscopic techniques are part of minimal invasive approach to surgery and used in many conditions, including certain brain tumour removal and for treating hydrocephalus.

Neuronavigation involves using images from CT scans and MRI scans and feeding them into a computer guidance system for use during neurosurgery for accuracy and precision.

Microsurgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery is done small opening and it increase the safety, decrease the scaring and recovery is faster as compared to wide open traditional surgery.

We accept both consultant referrals and patient self-referrals. If you have questions about a condition you are dealing with or would like to consult us for a second opinion, we are happy to discuss all options available to you.